Signe Roswall

Digital Product Designer
Speaker, Writer, Catlady

I'm passionate about people-friendly, empathic design.

In my spare time I write articles about my work and enjoy as many consecutive hours of gaming as possible.

Branding, graphic design,

Product Design (UX/UI)
web and mobile

Use research, Design strategy,
Product Innovation

I also care about sharing my knowledge, thoughts and opinions.

My first time speaking was at the Push UX Conference (2018) in front of ~600 other Designers.

Push Conference 2018 in Munich, Germany

Latest article on Medium:


Signe has a huge understanding for both client and end user in her work with digital solutions. With this understanding and a broad professional knowledge, Signe can lift assignments from design and UX to actual development and implementation.

Mikkel A. Jakobsen, Client Services Director at Stroem Works

We’ve worked for 4 months with Signe and have been deeply impressed. On her professional level, Signe is talented, effective and really understands the users. On her personal front, Signe is very responsible, independent and in a very positive way – stubborn. Stubbornness is one of Signes biggest forces, because she WANTS to do good and do things correctly, but is also ready to do it in a pragmatic way. In regards to mood, Signe is a very fun person who creates a good atmosphere in the office!

Lars Holdgaard, CTO at Monera

Signe is a creative and gifted Designer with an amazing work ethic. I've had the privilege of working with her at two workplaces where I watched her do amazing design revamp of whole web platforms with ease. Signe is very passionate about her work and delivers fantastic UI and will solve hard UX issues with innovative ideas. She has background with web technologies which makes working with her even greater as she knows what the needs of a front end developers are, and will deliver designs fulfilling those needs. Signe is a fantastic colleague with a hilarious sense of humor and always has a smile on her face. Any company would be lucky to have her.

Daxi Gudjonsson, Lead Frontend Developer at Learningbank